Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return my product?

You can return your product if it falls within the Warranty and Shipping Policies of Whiz Toy.
1. a. If the product arrives completely dead;

b. If there is any sign of breakage or crushing, it will not replaced;

c. If the product has been damaged by you, it will not be replaced;

d. If the product is damaged whilst being shipped to your address, then the shipping company is liable for damages or replacement;

(For shipping damages, i. you must contact the shipping company with notice to “Refuse The Consignment Due To Shipping Damage” within twenty four hours; ii. You will need to contact us as well so that we can file a claim with the shipping company. Failure in this will mean that you will lose any recourse to your replacement)

2. You must email us immediately for approval to return the item. This is a necessary step before you attempt to ship the item back to us or our warehouse.

3. Items or product can only be returned if they are in a new and unused condition. There should not be any play damage or broken parts, sun or water damage or any wear and tear on any parts. The general principle of being unused and new applies here in any case. Original Packing should be complete and intact.

4. Everything that were shipped with the original product such as batteries, manuals and packaging should be returned as well.

5. The buyer is responsible for shipping all products and items for any replacement.

6. If we shipped the wrong item to you, we will take responsibility for the shipping cost of any items returned to us or our warehouse.

For further information, check our Shipping and Returns page.

How Do I Order A Product?

You can simply add the item to your shopping basket and proceed to the checkout where you will have to submit your payment details such as a visa, mastercard, paypal or other payment method. During checkout, your will provide your shipping details and other related information. After your payment has been processed, your order will take between 1-3 days to be shipped from our warehouse by standard UPS shipping.

How Secure Are My Payment Details?

We use 2Checkout as our payment processor and they are recognized as a global leader in this area. Their payment systems are fully PCI compliant to the highest standards and this means that they have all the SSL requirements in place to protect your payment details. We will not give out your personal details to any third party.