Quality RC Tanks At Cheap Prices

We offer good quality remote control tanks at a discount online. Products are shipped from our California warehouse to any addresses in the USA mainland by UPS.

Models such as the German Tiger, Tauch Panzer III, and Snow Leopard are controlled by radio signal to move forwards, backwards, and even climb different slopes and terrains. Most of these tanks are made from plastics with some metal parts, which make them durable to last longer.

The professional versions of a tank are made from improved metal tracks with attached rubber treads for great aesthetic look. It is very common that details such as sounds markings, metal gearbox, guns, and many more are included in the design of the different models.

These toys run on between twenty seven mega hertz and forty mega hertz and have pre-select channels on their radio controllers. So, you can do battle with other tanks or do battle together.

Another interesting thing with these is that you can paint your own remote control tank to personalize your design to suit your style.

Some of the most popular models include:

German Tiger Tank

This model is pre-assembled and really ready to run. It has a two-stage forward and backward speed control with three hundred twenty levels tower rotation and seven programs motion.

Snow Leopard Tank with Smoke and Sound

This is a very interesting model with built-in smoke generator that can stimulate a legitimate fighting field. With a turret that can turn three hundred twenty levels, this model will enable you to fight the enemy from any direction.

Tauch Panzer III Real Battle Tank

This tank model was patterned from a German submersible used during the Second World War for the recommended capture of Great Britain. The Tauch Panzer III has an optimum side turning of 320 degrees and optimum vertical angle turning of weapon up to 35 degrees.

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