Phoenix 4Ch TW-742 RC Plane

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Large, Shock Resistant Phoenix 4-Channel R/C Airplane is Hours of Fun

The ultimate in r/c airplanes is here. Step into the pilot’s seat and be amazed! The plane has a large 54.3” wingspan and can easily gain up to 300m of height, using a standard 4-channel radio system. The r/c plane stands out from competitors with its material that resists bumps or falls, making it extremely sturdy and difficult to break.

It is a fast plane that operates with a Type 390A motor. It has a sporty appearance in white with black and red accents across its lightweight frame. Start up the big torsion propeller and get set to fly!


  • FM 4-channel radio system has 3 servos for endless fun
  • Sporty appearance in white with accents of red and black
  • Durable airframe is highly resistant to shocks; it is durable
  • Wings are made of sturdy EPO foam
  • 3 micro servos help to control the rudder and elevator, as well as aileron
  • Based on molds of actual airplanes, for realistic form
  • Type 390A motor, workable with gearbox, and speed you adjust electronically
  • Large propeller
  • Impressive heights with max 990ft, over 15min flying range
  • Dimensions: 54.3” wingspan, 33” length
  • Weight: 560g
  • 27MHz is frequency used
  • Uses battery of 9.6V 1100mAh Ni-MH, which is rechargeable
  • Comes with: wing set, fuselage body set, 1 spare propeller, 110V home AC charger, adjustment tools and instruction manual
  • 8AA batteries for transmitter sold separately
$200.00 $115.00
Weight: 560glb