34” Angel Airbus R/C Plane with Flight Speed up to 20 M/S

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Endless Fun behind the Controls of the Angel Airbus RC Plane

Get ready to be the pilot of your dreams! With a wingspan of 34”, the Angel Airbus remote control plane is fun for the entire family (recommended age of 12 or older). With a light frame, the plane has an impressive speed of 15-20m/s. It can reach several feet high, topping out at 100 feet. You have the control, with ability to make many precise movements. Enjoy an average flight time of 10 to 20 minutes with the professional-looking plane in crisp white with red striping. All tools for putting the plane together come with it, for your convenience.


  • This is your chance to be a pilot, with full-function remote control
  • Flight speed estimates between 15-20m/s, thanks to how lightweight it is in the air
  • Dimensions: 34” wings, 25” length
  • Height of us to 100ft, providing fun for teens and adults
  • Recommended age: 12+
  • 8.4V battery comes with it (rechargeable)
  • Lasts approx. 10-15 min between charging
  • Includes: 110V AC charger
  • Comes with a screwdriver
  • Transmitter requires 8 AA batteries that are sold separately
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