The World Of RC Planes

We have many models and sizes at competitive prices in our USA based online store. There is the 34 inch wingspan Angel RC Plane which can fly up to 100 feet high. You can find larger planes such as the 46 inch 4 channel Sea Plane. These models are simple to put together and fly.

If you want further information, please contact us. We are pleased to offer you a discount on our rc toys.

Special Information

Choosing The Right RC Plane To Buy
Imagine you are flying an airplane and passing over many housetops and trees.The good news, you can have the thrill of flying your very own airplane with the different remote control models that we have in stock.

Even if you are a novice, your can easily learn how to operate RC airplanes. It’s not that difficult to perform maneuvers and aerobatics similar to those performed by skilled pilots through practice and following the operating manual included in every package/kit.

Flying these types of toys are an exciting hobby and a great activity for the family.

Different Types

RC planes can be categorized based on their power source, which are either electric or gas powered. Electric plane models are usually easier to operate and maneuver because they are lighter and more comfortable to handle. Plane models that have high wings are more stable, thus easier to manage and fly than the gas powered type. Electric models are more appropriate for beginners as gas powered planes are difficult to fly and need more experienced RC pilots.

Remote control planes are also categorized as ready to fly models (rtf) and DIY models, which you build from scratch. An example of a DIY model is 10” Parachute Sky RC Plane that you can build effortlessly. The para-plane model can easily steer to the left and right, cruise, climb, and descend.

Nothing can compare to the thrill and excitement of building your own model. Also developing a hobby with RC planes is very stimulating and increases your technical skills and creativity. It is a hobby that you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. You can also join flying exhibitions, competitions or a flying club.

So we hope that you do take up this hobby and look forward to serving you.