29.5” HWC7 High Wing Remote Control Racing Boat BLUE Electric

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Outstanding Performance with RC Racing Boat’s 380S Dual Motors

For an efficient boat with max power, the remote control HWC7 boat is the one for you. With max power comes max fun! Speed over the pond or lake with the 2 motors that are both racing style 380 type. A V-shaped hull gives the 29.5”-long boat a realistic look while making it amazingly efficient at streaming across the water. This High Wing boat comes ready to go, already assembled, for recommended ages of 6 and older. It includes all necessary parts, including the transmitter, 7.2 volt battery and corresponding charger. Let’s get racing!



  • Comes factory assembled, painted in dynamic blue and set for the water
  • Strong engine offers excellent performance, with 2 of the 380S motors that are known for their racing style
  • V-hull mimics the design of a real racing boat while also providing smooth performance on a lake, pond or other small water body
  • Transmitter has easy-to-use pistol grip
  • Able to move forward, back and to both sides with ease
  • Recommended ages 6+
  • Come with: 7.2 volt rechargeable battery (NiCd), 1700mAh, charger (AC), auto charger, extra propeller and display stand
  • Dimensions: 29.5” of length, with 11.4” width and 6.3” height

Fast HWC7 RC Boat

$106.00 $70.00
Width: 11.4 inin
Height: 6.3 inin
Length: 29.5 inin