RC Boats For Sale

WhizToy offers a wide range of electric rc models for sale in our USA based inventory. We have the 15 inch yacht, 31 inch Destroyer and many other models. Our prices are very competitive and offer an alternative to other hobby RC stores. Another benefit of having our product in our warehouse in California is that shipments are done quickly to USA addresses. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our offers. Also there are articles that offer repair tips and rc toy news updates. We hope to keep putting more articles on the site on a regular basis.

Remote control boats are available in different designs, sizes, speed, styles, and quality that will surely suit any hobbyist or wannabe.  If you want to relax and prefer the easygoing lifestyle, there are numerous sailboat designs for you to choose from. We stock mainly electric or battery powered models.

On the other hand, if you want more action and excitement, racing boats are also available.. You can join racing competitions or organize your own race event with other racing enthusiasts in your neighborhood.

Popular Hobby And Past-Time

Boats are becoming popular among remote control enthusiasts. The availability of these boats at any local hobby toy shops and online RC stores contributed to their popularity. Numerous local and national competitions are hosted wherein hobbyists and enthusiasts participate.

Similar to other rc toys such as cars, airplanes, trucks, and helicopters; the boats has a wide variety of designs and models that can be purchased. Also, boats can be customized further, which makes them addictive and sought after.

There Are A Wide Variety To Choose From

If you are a novice, you can start with easier models such as sailboats. These types of boats are good for practicing your skills at sailing. They also come in different price ranges to suit most budgets.

Once you are able to operate a remote control sailboat properly, you may want to go for speed. Power boats can provide the speed and strength that you want. If you are interested in joining a racing competition, boats such as Speed XCyclone Race Boat, Century EP Race Boat, or EP-777 Race Boat are good options for you to buy.