The Right Glue For Foam RC Planes

Having a foam plane that is remote controlled is a good start in the world of rc toys. These models are fairly inexpensive and easy to put together. When learning more of this hobby, it’s good to start this way and then graduate to the more serious models that are made of plastic and metal and even timber. But what do you do when there is a serious repair job to be done?

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on repairing the body of the foam rc plane when it breaks at some point. The main thing to look for is the right type of glue. Which glue is the right one? That’s the hard part or the easy part, depending on who you speak to.

Here is a list of probable glues that can be used for repairing a break on your foam remote control plane.

King Kong

1. Gorilla Glue – This glue comes in different colors but I prefer the white version as it gets dry faster than the brown version and when it dries, it is like white foam. This matches the foam material of the plane and can be filed down. Be careful to dampen (Not too wet, just damp) only one surface and leave the other dry as the Gorilla glue reacts quickly with water.

2. Epoxy – This is a really strong glue but a bit heavy if you apply it incorrectly. They have a high shear and tensile strength which is also good for planes.

3. CAs – These are glues that are normally known as “super-glue”. They tend to bond almost instantly and so are used sometimes on thick foam as they will likely dissolve foam quickly as well.

4. Hot Glue – There are some people who use this regularly as it can be quite handy. The disadvantage would be that the very hot glue  can damage the foam of the rc planes so it would be better to use lower heats with this glue.

So finally, what would be my choice? Gorilla of course. King Kong can beat them all in my humble opinion.