Re-Connecting The Aerial Of RC Cars

Aerials for any type of cars are fragile creatures. If broken, many owners normally throw these away or just leave the aerials broken at the stumps. Well, for remote control cars there are various solutions that are simple and very cost effective.

Coat hangar

One of the things to consider is to use a coat hangar wire. You can easily straighten it out a bit and then determine the length to be almost the same as the broken aerial. Then just fit it into the hole that the original serial was in. Of course, you will want to ensure that the wire guage is the same as the original wire. It should be able to work well from then on.

Reuse the aerial

Another way is to remember that many aerials are covered with a plastic or rubber film that acts like a shield against the elements, much like the chrome plating on metal car bumpers or galvanized covering on wire fencing. Don’t let this deter you. All you need to do is to carefully clean the rubber or plastic film away from the metal underneath. Not too much but just enough to allow for heat soldering of the metal without melting.

The next step is to simply straighten out the edges of the broken ends of the aerial and then solder the ends together. Test it by switching on the transmitter and receiver and using the controls. If the car responds properly, then you can either use some kind of waterproof tape or rubber coating to cover the soldered ends. If there is no rubber or plastic coating, then just solder the broken ends together.

Try the phone wire

  One way that is really easy is to use a phone wire. This means that you simply cut off the both ends and measure the length you want. This should be similar to the length of the aerial itself. Then strip one end twist the wires together. After that connect that end to the place where the aerial broke.

And it’s done. Enjoy your ride.