Fixing Abnormally Sounding Gas Remote Control Cars

Nitro Rc Car - Dirt RoadWhen you buy a gas remote control car,    there could be a possibility that it sounds  really loud and not normal. When this happens, there is no need to panic. For these situations, you will need to just check a few things.

Trim The Throttle

First check your throttle trim and see that it is not turned too high. If it is, then that could be the problem and all you need to do is readjust the throttle to a lower level. Adjust the throttle clockwise for positive throttle and anti-clockwise for negative throttle. The sound and the power should decrease to a more acceptable level.

Check The Servo

If adjusting the throttle doesn’t help, then you will have to take the remote car to a local rc hobby store or an electronic repair store to check the servo. The servo is such a critical part of the remote control system and so just have it checked. The servo is the real brain of the car and this could be misreading the controller or just malfunctioning for some reason. There are analogue and digital servos. The digital servos deliver power much faster than the analogue types and so this might need to be checked.

Tune Ups Can Work Wonders

The next thing you could do it is get a qualified person at a local hobby store to tune the car. Too much fuel or power can make the car give off excessive smoke and sound like it is about to explode. Tune ups try to make sure that there is a right balance of air and fuel passing through and over the motor.

This involves adjusting the high speed needle on the motor so that it can ensure the right balance between lean and power. Once this is adjusted, then the low speed screw is adjusted for a finer balance with air and fuel. Then the tune up will adjust the idle so that the motor works at optimal whilst it is idling. This should make the car sound really good and you will get more mileage from a freshly tuned rc car engine.