Toy maintenance and repair

Repairing RC Boat Hulls

First things first, find out what kind of material the rc boat is made of. A fibreglass boat will be repaired differently from a plastic or wooden.

To ensure that the hull is repaired properly and is long lasting, then it would be wise to take a bit of time to find our what kind of material the boat is made of, what kind of glues are best, and whether the hull can be self-repaired or if you need to obtain expert help.

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The Right Glue For Foam RC Planes

Having a foam plane that is remote controlled is a good start in the world of rc toys. These models are fairly inexpensive and easy to put together. When learning more of this hobby, it’s good to start this way and then graduate to the more serious models that are made of plastic and metal and even timber. But what do you do when there is a serious repair job to be done?

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