Wireless RC Inventor Dies At 96

We don’t normally give it second thought but the remote control has become a huge part of our daily lives. Well, for most people that is. For those who love just relaxing and enjoying a few hours of tv and cable daily, the remote control is an indispensible part of that.

What most people don’t know is that the original remote control was invented somewhere in the 1950s by two men who worked for Zenith Corporation. One of the men was Dr. Adler, who died in 2007, whilst the other man was Eugene Polley who died recently in May 2012.

NewsBriefs had this to say…

Couch potatoes everywhere can pause and thank Eugene Polley for hours of feet-up channel surfing. His invention, the first wireless TV remote, began as a luxury, but with the introduction of hundreds of channels and viewing ……More at Remote control inventor dies | News Briefs | EW.com

Adler was an Austrian born American and worked with Polley, a fellow engineer with Zenith Corporation. Adler developed the first wireless remote control that used sound waves that were produced by aluminium rods to control the tv set. Later with Polley, they upgraded the remote control by using ultrasonic signals. Their system were used for the next 20-25 years before infra-red technology replaced their system.

These would encourage the use of wireless technologies and has impacted other areas such as remote control toys and devices.

For their work, they were awarded an Emmy by National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.