RC Toy Manufacturer Declares War On Counterfeit

In the remote control toy business, there is normally a sense of peace and kiddy like euphoria when playing or tinkering with a toy. The same goes for the industries involved behind it’s manufacture and sales. Well, almost.

Recently the major European manufacturer of RC toy flying fish and air swimmers came out strongly against those who used similar designs to counterfeit  remote control fish.

According to Richard North of Wow! Stuff, they were simply taking a stand against counterfeits that were just poor quality and cheap but also downright dangerous. He also said that many firms in the UK, Europe and in the Far East were not respectful of the major investments that Wow! Stuff had made towards this line of products.

Letters were sent to about 500 business in Europe, UK and the Far East advising them of the legal ramifications of their actions.

The inventor of these type of toys is Blake English. He was educated at Stanford and received the “Rising Star Award” for 2011. He developed the toy at a huge cost and after 3 years of inspiration, planning and development.

His Flying Fish remote control toy was developed in co-operation with WMC, a toy company based in the USA. WOW! Stuff holds the UK and European manufacturing and distribution rights.

This legal action represents a serious approach to RC toy manufacturing and sales and so would be of interest to a lot of people worldwide.