Cheap RC Toys Are Not Enough For This Thief

I have heard of houses being burgled and people being robbed for money and valuables but this one takes the cake or should I say the toy. A man in his fifties was reported by a store clerk on May 24 at a 7-Eleven store at Monroe Blvd, Taylor, Michigan to have stolen two rc helicopters. The question I have is whether this was for himself to enjoy as a hobby or did he sell them for money?

The surprising part is that this was a repeat incident at the same store. In the earlier incident, a witness said that he sported a beard but there was no facial details in the report on the second incident.

Photo from Flickr – Jokermanj

In my mind I can picture a man who is an overly enthusiastic toy hobbyist who can’t get enough of the toys even if there are so many cheap rc toys for sale. Maybe even frothing at the mouth at the sight of these toys.

Too weird? Yes maybe. Whatever the case maybe, let’s just keep a closer watch on our stock of that gas powered remote control helicopter or those nitro rc boats. You never know who might be around.

Another thought that comes to mind is that a 7-eleven store does not necessarily have a wide selection of rc toys and so it would appear that he stole the helicopters and others just for money’s sake and because it was easier to steal than money.

So to wrap it all up, we should at least be more careful with how we keep our toys secure when we are playing or racing them at public events.