A Tiny RC Drone For Really Cheap

We all know that Parrot Drones are great entertainment and provide all kinds of fun. The only problem is that they carry a relatively hefty price tag – only $300 US dollars. If you have the denarii, this might be okay but for many people who are keen hobbyists, this price takes it slightly out of reach.

There is a much cheaper alternative. Say $250 dollars cheaper. The only thing is that Brando’s drone is a much tinier version that could almost fit a pocket. If you are willing to lose the sense of bigness with the Parrot Drone, then Brandos will thrill you in so many ways.

Image of a Parrot Drone by nan palmero via Flickr
Gizmodo writes on their site…

The petite craft comes with a dual stick controller that’s downright gigantic in comparison—allowing you to pilot the drone in the smallest of spaces and even perform mid-air somersaults at the push of a button. And like with all of these flying toys the battery is kept small and light so the quadrotor can get off the ground, limiting its flight time to 10 or so minutes. But this kit comes with a second backup battery and a charger that can top off both at once. That alone could be worth the $50 price of admission since it will keep you flying—and crashing—all day long….More at A Tiny RC Drone You Can Almost Stash In a Pocket

I might go for this one because I can do many things with it inside my house that I couldn’t do with the Parrot Drone. And if it does break up eventually, I’l have lost only $50.

Chow for now….