A Remote Control Flying Cat

Have you seen a flying cat? I have seen a flying squirrel and was amazed by the way their little bodies has those extra flaps of skin that enable them to sort of fly/glide through the air. But a flying cat? A bit of a stretch, I think.

Well it appears that there is a flying cat or should we say, WAS a remote control flying cat. A Dutch artist had a cat named Orville that died in an accident. So rather than just give the cat a normal funeral and burial, he decided to put rotors on each paw and let it fly.

As I was researching this story, I came across a lot of comments by people that were horrified, disgusted or put off with this display by the artist. A news commentary also said that the artist was selling this cat for about fifteen thousand dollars which added more fuel to the fire.

These are few comments made after the project was made public:

Orville Wright? More like Orville Wrong…YouTube Comment

This is tasteless and disrespectful…YouTube Comment

I can’t believe somebody would do something as horrifying as this. This isn’t “art”. I am mortified at what is classified as “art” these days. This is just despicable and disgusting. Shame on you. I hope you never have another pet as long as you live…YouTube Comment

There were a few that also made other comments. This is one of them:

I feel like the people who are upset about this are of the cat/animal lover persuasion…But, when it comes down to it all he did was coat his quad-copter in cat leather. Its no different than cow leather seats or pig skin on footballs. Its an animal, it was dead, the skin was re-purposed. It just happens to have a cute face…Popsci Subscriber

Whatever side you are with this story, you will feel some sort of sympathy for the cat. It seems a bit too cold to put a pet on rotors and fly, even if it’s dead.