Toy Helicopter For The Sheriff

Where do we stand in regards to drones and specifically drone surveillance? Regardless of what we think, recently the Shelby County Sheriff’s department said that they were intending to purchase a pair of drones that will be used strictly for their surveillance abilities to fight crime.

They will use a grant to purchase two drones from Draganfly, an innovative remote device designer and manufacturer. Draganfly manufactures hobby rc toys as well as more advanced devices such as UAVs.

The problem is that there are some county leaders who are not so sure that having these drones flying out of sight and watching us is such a good idea. A County leader said that this is different from knowing that a helicopter is above your backyard and going into the house to have some privacy. With these drones hovering at about 400 feet, you will not even know that they are there.

The sheriff’s office has also confirmed that these drones will not carry any weapons. It appears that this is not the first law agency that is using remote control drones. There are are other law agencies in Canada and USA that are using these drones or remote control helicopters.

One thing that comes to mind when hearing about these drones are the UAVs that are used in war torn areas such as in the mountainous region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It might be a bit of a stretch to compare those UAVs with these drones as the UAVs used in war are larger and equipped for operations in hostile war zones. The only concern for now would be that the Sheriff and other agencies use these drones properly with a sensitivity to people’s privacy and to avoid any abuse of these devices.

One thing is for sure, these drones would make great remote control toy helicopters. The only drawback would be the price tag.