To fly a gyro rc helicopter

A gyro rc helicopter is good to fly because the gyro is an auto stabilizing system. It makes flying a bit easier than without. The gyro works to provide an opposite reactive force to the yaw that is generated by the spinning rotors and this prevents the helicopter from spinning out of control.

The first thing is to make sure that you are familiar with the remote control dashboard. There are normally two steering joystick type levers on either side of the controller. The left stick is to control the altitude or height from the ground. The stick on the right allows you to move the toy in different directions.

So to start, increase the throttle on the left stick until the helicopter is light on its stand. Then increase the throttle slowly until the helicopter lifts up from the ground.

At this time, you can use the right lever to move the helicopter around from side to side or backward and forward. Remember that during the flight until landing, you have to keep your fingers on the joystick levers and provide constant input. You cannot just push the levers once or twice and take your fingers off. This can cause the helicopter to crash.

When landing the helicopter, try to move the levers slowly and don’t have sudden strong movement. Aim for a soft landing and this takes a careful focus to move the helicopter downwards slowly until the skids touch the ground and rest properly.

A good advice would be to practice small flights until you are well versed with using the remote control. For example, try lifting the helicopter a few times and hover a few feet over the ground. Then try to move the helicopter from one spot on the ground to another spot about 10 meters away. After a few times of doing this, try some different things with the helicopter and the remote control.

Practice constantly and you will ensure that you don’t crash the helicopter and also get the most enjoyment of this hobby.