Small And Large RC Toys

S109G Rc HelicopterNot too long ago, kids were content to play with simple toy cars, jigsaw puzzles, or legos. But as technology changed and new toys were created, kids began to look for more complicated, more challenging and even machine driven toys to satisfy their drive for creative ways to play. Remote control toys are the latest in a string of toys that have been created and built to fill this drive. Now even adults are enjoying the experience of playing with remote-controlled toys, also known as toy and hobby grade rc toys.

On the other hand, because of the increasing demand for such toys, there is now continuous development on models, designs and specifications. Hence for the newly initiated or beginner, picking the best one can be a daunting task. Here are some interesting points when it comes to the differences between small and large rc toys.

Differences in Power

Aside from the variation in sizes, remote control cars have differences in power. In the car category, there are three types of power sources which are gas, nitro, and electric-powered.

Gas as well as nitro powered cars for toy and hobby grade rc toys are often charged by liquid fuel. This type is specifically designed for hobbyists that are familiar with the toys as well as their complex specifications. The electric-powered, on the other hand, are charged with batteries such as the Nickel-Metal Hydride as well as the Lithium Polymer Cells. The latter option is the preferred option for beginners with little or no experience since Lithium Polymer are way lighter.

Differences in Physical Specs

Admiral Rc Boat

Huge Admiral Rc Boat

There are different types of rc toys. There are cars, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, tanks and boats. All these types come in all different sizes to cater for different ages.

For the rc cars, designs for this category are often powered with gas, nitro as well as electric. However, the gas as well as the nitro-powered cars is often targeted by long-term hobbyists while beginners are encouraged to start with the electric models. It is advisable that kids under age 12 should use the electric-powered with relatively small sizes as this would enable them to easily familiarize themselves with navigation as well as the controls of the toy. Depending on the type, you could purchase remote-controlled cars for prices that range from $16 to $50 and up.

Aircraft options, on the other hand, are modelled from small park flyers, mid-sized aerobatic up to the larger jets. Remote control aircraft utilize either brushed or brush-less electric motors up to internal combustion engines, but the most costly ones are the gas turbines. For people who are looking for fastest aircraft models, they could find ones with speeds over 450 mph (720km/h). There are also newer models that offer 300mph or 480km/h at a lesser distance. On the average, aircraft such as helicopters and planes can be bought from $20 or more. However, if you prefer the advanced aircraft remote-controlled toys, then you should be willing to spend more than $80.

Boats are also a common choice for toy and hobby grade rc toys. With this option, you can have scale models with 30cm or 12 inches long up to 365cm for sailing boats and power boats. The latter is very popular especially among toy grade models and is very suitable for children.

Micro vs. Small vs. Large RC Toys

Buying a micro remote-controlled toy with 100-200 dimensions would give you benefits such as crash-resistance, flexible in tight and narrow spaces, and they are also cheaper. The downside, however, is that, since they are very small, you should also expect tiny parts that are hard to find especially when repair is needed. Moreover, micro helicopters are very wind sensitive and are not advisable to test outdoors.

The small ones with 200-350 dimensions could offer better experience outdoors, as well as lighter engines that utilize lighter power as well. However, since their sizes are bigger than the micro, flying indoors can be a little difficult. They can also be a bit costlier than the micro selections, but it depends on the specifications.

Medium to Large choices ranging from 350 to 600 and higher are more suitable for rigorous environments. Remote control cars with this size can do well in hilly and muddy areas. These size rc helicopters can be tested outdoors even with a windy weather. The downside, on the other hand, is that they can be really expensive. Models this size can cost up to $500 or more.