Remote Control Toys Or Cockroaches

There is an abundance of remote control toys and devices that are out there. With hobbyists increasing every day, it is no wonder that inventors are always on the lookout for some new or novel idea to capture the imagination and should I say it…the money of those hobbyists.

Recently, there was a study done in how a remote device could control the movements of a cockroach. This was significant as the device, stuck into the neuro sections of the cockroach’s brain could effectively cause the cockroach to turn at will. I shudder to think of what the ramifications of this device or at least an advanced version could be if used to control the will and movements of human beings.

Sounds like something out of an alien movie, right? Well, the inventors of that device have not gone on to bigger creatures so this might be just for the roaches.

The technology of the remote control toy is allowing for new applications and the possibilities are almost limitless. The issue that I am thinking about is why make robotic cockroaches? There are already too many of them around.