Picking a good remote control boat is not that hard but it is helpful to know a few details. There are different power systems and other things that will be important. Once you know what you need you can buy or build your own boat. Note also that there are different types of boats as well. If you are a beginner, it would be best to choose a more stable boat because they would be easy to control. These would be the deeper hulls.

deep hull rc boat
Deep Hulled RC Boat

The deeper hulls are very stable in water and so are more suited for beginners. Later as you gain experience you can try the shallower hull boats such as the catamarans. They are fast but need a bit more skill to guide. The hydroplanes are quite fast but also need a lot of skill to handle.

While we are looking at the various kinds of rc boats, another type of boat is the simple sailing yacht. They look like the real classy boats with sails and everything so is a real pleasure to play with and can be handled by kids and adults alike. With the sailing boat, it would be good to use a lake or a pond type of water environment.

Hydrofoam - Catamaran
Hydro Foam – Catamaran

Then of course, we have the pirate ships and the warships that are really amazing in detail. It will thrill anyone to see their pirate boats flying over the water with a cannon firing away and the pirate flag flying high. The warships have similar details as the real thing and have a few extra add-ons that add to the excitement.

For different power systems, there is gas, electric and the nitro powered. Of these three, the nitro powered are the fastest and it requires a special engine type that can run with very fast speeds. It is better that experienced enthusiasts use these nitro remote control boats and not beginners. Nitro boats are normally used for racing as well.

The best thing for you is to determine whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced and choose you boat accordingly. Whatever you decide, the remote control toy will give you many hours of enjoyment even if you are still learning. There are many types of rc boats for sale in hobby stores everywhere and also here.