The Old Raceway For The RC Cars at Yuma

Remote control cars are a big thing for the people down at Yuma. This is a group of enthusiasts of remote control toys that love to bring their family out and enjoy some recreation time down at the special racing track that was built especially for remote control cars for adults and kids. There are some concern that the city will be demolishing the track to make way for some further development of a retention basin.

A New Raceway

The good thing about the whole affair is that the city has promised to build a new track for rc toy enthusiasts that will be even better than the old one. The only concern of enthusiasts is that the track will not be so family friendly.

Here is an article from Elite Race Car Blog (This website went offline and is no longer available as at 17 February 2014) …

Last Wednesday was the last time remote-controlled car enthusiasts were able to race around the Kiwanis Park Radio Controlled Raceway. The raceway at 855 South Magnolia Ave. is owned by the city of Yuma, which is demolishing the track to expand the Kiwanis Park retention basin.

The last race was a little sad, said Lester Baer, a member of the Radio Control Enthusiasts (RCE) of Yuma club.

“It is a little sentimental I guess. Some of the guys grew up here. This track has been here as long as they’ve been growing up”.

The main thing that the club wants is for this hobby to have a place where it can be nurtured as family friendly so that it can grow and attract more newcomers to the hobby or should I say, sport.

Update: 17 February 2014
A perusal of the City Of Yuma’s list of Outdoor Parks and Recreation Amenities shows that there is still a remote control park available and access is granted via a nominal fee.

List of Amenities – City of Yuma