RC Toys Are Also For The Mature

There are some things that you never quite get over with such as watching a really great movie that you can watch again from time to time. Well, I do believe that the same can be said for remote controlled toys. There is something about this hobby that gets you hooked even after you have kind of grown up.

Maybe it’s like a TV remote control. The person holding it can control the flow and direction of the situation, as you like. In the following article from the Times of India, we read of the Bollywood actor, Neil Mukesh and his weakness for the humble remote controlled toy.

Having fun with rc toy

Image by martin…T via Flickr


Neil Nitin Mukesh is a possessive man
Times of India
Even now, when I go to a toy store with my nephews, the one place that I just can’t resist heading over to, is the remote control car section. I think my nephew buys more intelligent toys than me. But I still take pride in the dinky cars that I …and more »…More at Neil Nitin Mukesh is a possessive man – Times of India

So if you are planning to spend more time with your children, a great way to do this is with a remote control car, plane or something that can move with a remote control. As Mukesh confesses, you can never really get over a toy and a remote control.

Maybe it’s the fun of using your Smart Phone

There are some latest apps that can allow you to control some robotic toys through your ios device. It could also be a way of taking a break from the hum drum of the urban work schedules that makes using a app on our phone very appealing to play with a remote control device. This article from IT World provides an overview about the remote control apps.

March 24, 2012, 7:36 AM — There’s something endearing about a tiny, remote-controlled toy. It’s nearly impossible not to love the way it romps around your carpet, gets stuck under your desk, and antagonizes your housepets. We got our hands on three little robotic friends that can be controlled through your iOS device and, of course, we took them for drives.

Desk Pets Tankbot – Even though it can be controlled by an iPhone, Desk Pets’s $30 Tankbot ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) has a bit of a mind of its own. It has two activity options that cause it to wander around by itself–either in Amazing Touchless Navigation mode, which uses an infrared sensor to avoid obstacles, or in Autonomous Personality mode, which uses various pre-programmed patterns for moving and displaying light and sounds. The Tankbot’s tank-inspired treads allow it to navigate the most treacherous obstacles on your desk, yet it’s light enough to run over your keyboard without pressing any keys….More at Review: Three iOS-app-controlled toys – ITworld.com

mmmmm… Sounds great, even for me. Looks like remote control planes, cars, boats and helicopters will have a long and bright future.