Various Remote Control Toys

We have several models of rc boats, planes, cars, tanks and helicopters available. Our warehouse is in California and so we can ship quickly to any United States of America mainland address with UPS, including places such as Fort Worth Texas, NY New York, Ohio, Miami Florida and more.

There are different categories available here with various models in each category and prices are quite competitive in comparison to other hobby stores.

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Finding A Suitable RC Toy

When choosing a radio controlled toy, there are certain steps that you can follow to ensure that you find the closest match to your needs.

Firstly, do you want a gas powered or battery rc model? Gas powered models are a bit noisier than the battery types and so some prefer the noise whilst some prefer the quieter options.

Secondly, the size and color of the toy. Depending on your age, you will find more enjoyment with the larger hobby grade or the smaller toy grade models.

Thirdly, the cost. What budget do you have? Buying a remote control car or plane, tank or something similar will require a reasonable one time payment. Then you will need to consider the costs of maintenance and repair as well over the long term.

So think about what you want, follow the steps given above and you should be on your way to enjoying yourself.